Couldn't sign in to FTP server

I am trying to publish a file. When I push the publishing “test” button it says “Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server”. I have spend several hours “chatting” to my FTP server and they say there is nothing wrong at their end. All they suggest is using FileZilla.
Can anyone help?

Are you using the correct password?
You probably aren’t using the correct c-panel password. Many people use the one they sign in to their provider with, I think, which
But add more information, you need to add much more detail for any help :wink:
Posting a picture of your publishing setup would help.

Good news. I changed my publishing method from FTP to FTPS and published ok. Don’t know why because nothing has changed a star as I know.
Mike Hubball

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FTPS uses SSL to encrypt the connection. It is much more secure than regular FTP, which sends your login information unencrypted. It is also more reliable. It’s the better choice. Glad to hear you got it working.

Thanks Don.

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