Cannot sign into FTP Server

I am using Rapid Weaver 7, and have been publishing my website using Rapid Weaver for more than 10 years. I have two computers, one desktop and one laptop. Some years ago Rapid Weaver on my desktop stopped publishing. The error message was “Couldn’t sign into your FTP server. Your sign-in details are incorrect, please reenter them and try again.” I could never solve this problem but continued publishing with Rapid Weaver on my laptop. Even with a new laptop, publishing continued. Then just this morning Rapid Weaver on my laptop stopped publishing, with the same error message. Does anyone know what is going on? I see from other posts that publishing problems seems to be common with Rapid Weaver. I am not very technical and could not understand what most commentators were talking about, so please please make it simple!!

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Without more details it’s difficult to say what’s going on.

Could you give us a screenshot of the publishing settings?

Could you also tell us the name of the hosting company you are using?

What happens when you try the test button?

Here are screen shots of my publishing settings and the error message. My hosting company is Canadian Web Hosting.

Where the company is located isn’t the name. The reason the name of the company is helpful for folks trying to get you help is we might have experience with them or be able to look at their help area.

If it’s happening when you press the Test button at the bottom of the screen then it’s more then likely the server name or credentials (username or password).

I’d have a look at the server name. Most hosting companies require a protocol (ftp.) at the beginning.
I’d also reenter the credentials.

… is the name of the company :slight_smile:

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