"Couldn't sign in to your FTP server. Timeout was reached"

Somewhat new to RapidWeaver so apologies in advance if this has been addressed before. Recently when I’ve tried publishing my website I get this message: “Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server. Timeout was reached”. This occurs after about 1000 of the 5000 files have been transferred. I have just contacted the company hosting my rather small site (InMotion hosting) to see if they can help, but could it be a problem with my site?

Also, every time I make even a small change I notice that all the nearly 5000 files on the site are republished. Is this normal?

Can you post a screengrab of the publishing settings? These error messages are fairly generic so hard to tell from the info given. 5000 files doesn’t sound like a small site!

Thanks for the reply; I’ve attached a screen shot of the publishing setup. I tried different connection speeds and got the errors at both slow and fast speeds

Have you tried to publish to a local folder? That will tell you if there is a problem with generating the page or publishing the page.

InMotion supports SFTP. FTP isn’t very reliable and has basically no security. SFTP is a much better protocol.

If you can’t publish to a local folder, then you’ll never be able to publish remotely.

You can also turn on logging in RW: Preferences > Publishing > Enable upload logging . Then you can clear and copy the support logs from the Help menu. That will give a little more detail what might cause the issue.


I was able to publish my website to a local folder. Can I transfer the files from that folder to the InMotion server?

And I tested the connection to the InMotion server: the FTP method was successful but the SFTP was not

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