Count-Up Stack that counts Up not down

Looking for Count-up Stack.

Not the typical counter or count-down stack, but more like a count-up stack that is less based on a end date/time, but more on a custom rate to infinity.
You could configure it by counts, or dollars, and it would continue to count up based on the entered value over time. It would be more of a slow counter, not a super-fast counter to a target number.
More like McDonalds…40,000,000 customers served.

so examples would be number of …

  • Customers served
  • Covid cases detected
  • Vaccines administered
  • Dollars raised
  • Donations pledged
  • Subscriptions registered
  • Homes sold
  • Cyber attacks averted
  • Credit cards hacked
  • Cars stolen
  • So many other uses.

So, for example if a company sells an average of 5000 units per / month, I would program the stack for
Start Value: 0
Counts Value: 5000
Time: 30 Days

The counter would keep counting up at a rate of 5000 / month. And the stack would calculate the
increment of VALUE / TIME and keep the counter counting up forever based on that those input values. So +1 every 8.6 Minutes.
If the count should start losing touch with reality, you could go into the stack,
and adjust the start value, and increment value when necessary to get it back on track.

The Woundrouss Stack is close, but is restricted to time in mili-seconds which does not make
a slow count to infinity possible. If your timing is +1 every 30 seconds, you end up with Speed: 10000000000000000 ms, which then errors with “infinity” and the count is still not slow enough.

If anyone knows of a stack that can do this please let me know.

If anyone else would pay for a stack like this, then add your name and maybe a developer would be willing to write a stack that could do this.

Thank You.

How about reading the value from Google Sheets, a CSV file or a MySQL database? There are several stacks that will allow that.

I think Optic Stats might be suitable. I’ve used it before, but a while ago. If I remember correctly, you can combine it with Google Sheets to bring in data if you don’t want to control it by the stacks. Not a 100% on that though.

Just checked something. You can combine it with the Live Data stacks to bring in data from Google Sheets or other spreadsheets.

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