Legacy Artifacts in CPanel Resources

When I go to to RapidWeaver cpanel and sort resources by file size I discovered that it contains two 4MB Pasted-Graphic TIFF files and one 3MB PDF. I definitely remember posting them but when I discovered they were so large I permanently deleted them from the cpanel.

I then went back to RapidWeaver and marked all Pages & Resources as Changed then Re-Published All Files.

When I check the resources folder again they are still there.
I have reviewed all of my web pages within RapidWeaver and these images don’t show up on any page.

What would cause these artifacts to remain?
If they are not showing up on any served web pages would they cause any performance lags?

I have opened up and reviewed every single

Are you talking about cPanel and the Resource folder on the host?

RapidWeaver by design doesn’t delete anything on the host. you need to delete stuff manually on the host if you have previously published it.

Yes, I am talking about cPanel and Resource folder on the host.

I selected each of these three oversize files and deleted them from the host.

I carefully looked through each page of my website and these three images do not show up anywhere.

I then instructed RapidWeaver to mark all Pages & Resources as Changed then Re-Published All Files

Nothing seems to make these files go away.

I am thinking this might have something to do with how the image files are named.

Are the images still inside the RapidWeaver Resource Tray?

Thanks Doug. Yes they are!

I never even knew that feature existed.
I found the pictures and saw how to delete them.

The deletion process puts up a dialogue box that says: “Pages within the project that link to the resource will need to be updated.”

Since I can’t find the image on any page would a simple “Republish All Pages” take care of this?

I don’t think RW keeps a backwards pointer on resources, so it has no way to know where on what pages it might be used if at all. So it’s telling you that if you delete the resource you need to manually remove or replace them where they are being used.
So if you aren’t using them then you should be good to go. If you deleted the resources from the server, and the Resource tray, when you republish all files they should no longer be on the server.

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