Removing Unused Resources ( Images )

While I was building a few pages, I ended up modilfing 40 images 5 or 6 times over, with size and resolution changes.

After finishing the pages, and Publishing out to a local folder, I now find I have hundreds of images that are not even used in the pages anymore.

I checked the ‘Resources’ folder in RW, and sure enough, there they are, all 300 of them.
Is there a right way to delete them?

Where the ‘don’t send unconnected resources’ check-box? somewhere that I can’t find?

So for now I figure I would manually delete them… buy I can’'t seem to sort them by date,
or know the best way of deleting them? Multi-select? Sort? Something else?
No Date view, No list view, No unused view?

How do you guys handle it?

Thank You

RapidWeaver doesn’t delete anything that is published.

You have to mannually handle the clean up.

Most hosting companies have a file manager or get an FTP client.

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