Crash on export

Hi all,

What is going on with RW7.x.x??

Seems like this is an issue for lots of people!!

I am on Sierra but this also happened previously on ElCap.

Most times when I try export a project it does not export at all and the app crashes. I usually have to reopen and do nothing to file, not even save and then try to export again. Sometimes this works, other times it just crashes again. I have also found that when I create the folder public_html to export into, RW does not export the files into this folder it just puts all the projects files onto the desktop. I then have to drag the files into my public_html folder and then upload via ftp. The site works ok once I have finally managed to export and upload but this is very, very, very frustrating as it takes many attempts to get the project to export.

Not happy with RW7…after all the talked about testing and having the beta tested for so long it seems that even on 7.1.1 this is still happening to people.

I wonder if this is happening to most users or just a few?

I am on a MacBook Air and this seems to happen on most of my projects using a variety of themes.

Thanks Scott

Hi Scott,

Can you email us your project file so we can see if we can re-create the problem here - if we can we should be able to fix it!

Email and include a link to this thread.