RW 7.1.5 crashes while exporting

No chance to get a website because RW 7.1.5 crashes all the time while exporting. Unfortunately there is no RW message to inform about the reason why. Any idea on this issue because I need do publish my site!

If you search the forum you’ll find that other people are also having problems exporting - I don’t know whether they’ve managed to find an answer yet though. Might be something there that helps you though.


It crashes for me, too (on export to a local folder). If you are patient enough and try more than once, you might get lucky. What I do: restart RW, dismiss CrashReporter, quit RW, restart RW again, try to export again. Sometimes it takes 2 or more attempts. Eventually, I am able to export my website.

I think that both RMS and YourHead are aware of this issue. Isiah from YourHead asks to send him the project file.

Yes please! I’m especially interesting if you’re using Stacks and/or PlusKit.

Zip up project and all the addons needed to open it and send a sharing link (like via Dropbox) to


On my computer, RapidWeaver crashes while exporting for one of two reasons:

  1. If I haven’t saved the file, it crashes.
  2. If not the above, when I export, the export window stays blank and the export doesn’t happen. I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes.