Crash on launch and/or preview... 7.5.1

Sierra 10.12.6 | RapidWeaver 7.5.1… I am crashing as soon as I launch a project. Occasionally I am able to launch a project only to crash as soon as I preview a page… This is as buggy a build as I have ever seen… Any Ideas?

Maybe related to this?

Thanks for the tip Jannis. Unfortunately it I=didn’t work for me :frowning:

If the project even opens without having to force quitting, I just get pinwheels when hitting the preview button until I get tired of waiting… (5-10 min…). Then it will work once… Out of 10 attempts.

Crash on Preview… Anyone?

Not having that problem. Have you tried with a new project? If it happens on every project, might wish to try to reinstall RW.

Seems to be working ok on my machine.

Good luck.

I need help with this Weavers…

I sent a support email but I thought I would post here too…

Support did ask me to "try going to Preview” "from another page” (From Dan).

  • I tried that, no help…

I HAVE NOTICED something that may help you help me (because I am at a loss and I need help)

  • Anytime I open my project, I can…
  • Anytime I click Preview = RW HARD crash
  • Anytime I open my project | AND DON’T HIT PREVIEW | Make a change and publish | No matter how small a change and publish | EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY

Including Preview!

Thanks in advance for anything, Chris Jones

Hi Macsterguy,

Can you send me over your RapidWeaver Project file? My email is

We’re still looking into this and if it’s an RW issue we’ll get it fixed ASAP for RapidWeavre 7.5.2


Hey guys,

Please try out the new beta of 7.5.2, this should fix the preview issue you’re seeing: RapidWeaver 7.5.2 Beta 1 (18793b) - Fix for hang/crash on preview


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Dan, Aaron, Weavers out there…

Would there be anything special I need to do since I am using the Mac App Store version on two Macs after I download the beta 7.5.2?

In other words, will the Mac App Store recognize the beta? Do I replace the current Mac App Store version or keep both?

What about a license?