Crashes by exporting and publishing

(Ali Tahamtani Omran) #1

Maybe I will be helped here. I try to get support for Realmac for 7 days. When I try to export or publish a project RW 7 crashes. Nobody feels seemingly responsible. Has anyone the same problem. I have also sent the log files to Realmac.

thank you

(Rob Beattie) #2

Hi there,

if you search the forum you’ll find that there are other people who are experiencing the same problem. Some have managed to solve it - or at least found a way around it. Maybe their experience can help you?

Good luck.


(Rob D) #3

When I updated my Stacks to v.3.2.5, I was ecstatic, because I was able for the first time in many weeks to export and publish my site on the first attempt. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm vanished rapidly, when I tried to export again. I am back to struggling attempting to export to a local folder.

In the past, I had one similar occurrence. When I upgraded from RW 6.x to 7.0, I was able to export and publish without a problem just once. All subsequent exports were a nightmare. I had to try multiple times to launch RW, export, re-launch after crash, try to export again, recover from crash again, etc., etc. – until I got lucky and the site got exported.

So now, with RW 7.1.7 and Stacks 3.2.5, I am back on the road to an insane asylum…