7.2.1 Crashes on export or publish


Updated to RapidWeaver 7.21. Also updated Stacks plugin and 3 former Loghound Plugins that are now part of Your Head (FAQMaker, Site Map and PlusKit). Checked to see all stacks are updated to current version.

Now when I attempt to export or publish the site, it crashes before the export is finished.

It’s been a while since I’ve opened the site, but there have been no content changes (other than changing the year in the footer from 2016 to 2017).

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Some older plugins ostensibly work with new versions of RW and Stacks, but cause crashes during exporting.

My advice is to eliminate plugins one-by-one from your website and try exporting without them – until you find the culprit. I had this exact situation and I singled out the one plugin that was causing crashes on export. Now, everything works as expected.

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Thank you Rovertek!

That seemed to work. For the record, I was able to get things to work again after I removed:

  • PlusKit (version 3.0.1 - YourHead)
  • RapidBot (2.5.2 - Foreground/Omnidea)

Those were both the most current versions, however removing them enabled me to export again. Really appreciate your help!


Just an FYI…I have not updated to 7.2.1 yet (still on 7.1.7) but I just started having crashes before uploading finishes. And I see error messages while uploading “couldn’t upload to server” “retry in 4,3,2,1 seconds” and sometimes it would retry and work and sometimes completely crash.

Have concluded the problem is not with RW but with the wifi connection. The computer wired into the modem is fine but when working a few feet from the modem using wifi connection, the wifi connection frequently goes on and off. Checked regarding the modem and service and others with same service were having same problems. I either waited a few minutes and tried again or more often, I would turn off wifi and then turn it back on and RW would publish just fine.