Crashes looking for server

I have Rapidweaver Mac latest version. Just updated to El Capitan. Previously to that I installed Stacks. my project is updated to my Web Host at Godaddy. Been doing this since RW5 and now 6 never with an issue.

Now when I open my project and do anything like Save, Export, Publish, View Publishing Settings, anything … a box pops up and tells me that it cannot find the server “dell1545” which is a local machine which has NOTHING to do with my RapidWeaver projects.

Why is RapidWeaver looking for my server? How do I completely uninstall and clear those publishing settings? Nothing is working and I cannot update my page.

I should add that the box that pops up just keeps regenerating. I have to Force quit to use Rapidweaver.

I was looking at the El Capitan reviews on the App Store a couple of hours ago (2.5 star average yikes!), as I was thinking of upgrading, but after reading those I figured I’d hold off for a month or two and let it settle down.

Hope you manage to sort things out @johneh

Here’s another bit of an update. If I start a new project all is well. Maybe my project file got borked some how or another.

I sure would like to fix it though. Why would it be looking for a server when it opens?

Ok. I refuse to give up. I have a Mac Mini that has OS X 10.11 Then I installed RW and Stacks and my project file works perfectly.

On my Macbook I have OS X 10.11.1

Everything was working marvelously up until I upgraded on Thursday night. Saturday was the first time I opened RW since and that’s when I started having problems.

Not sure if it isn’t playing nicely with Rapidweaver or Stacks. But I have surmised the problem was the update. At least I can do my page somewhere although I prefer to do it on the laptop.

I think I have this thing figured out. I had previously had a computer with a host name of dell1545 which I took screenshots on and then drag and dropped them to my project. That computer is my project laptop that I always test new distributions of Linux on.

Anyway I deleted the contents of that computer. I think (THINK) that RapidWeaver was searching for those photos. That is the best I can come up with.

After I redid that page (on another mac) I opened the project across the network and it worked perfectly. Exported it and saved it. Now all seems well. No crashing on start up. First couple pages on this link are just test pages to play with Bricks stack and test to make sure no more crashes. None noted.

So it seems it was my page and not RW and not El Capitan.