Site crashes RW 7.2.2 on opening

I upgraded to 7.2.2 and cannot open my site without it crashing RW. El Capitan 10.11.6 on mid 2015 iMac. Any attempt to open my site gives me the “Something went wrong” dialog with the option to relaunch. I’m not sure what the best troubleshooting steps are at this point. I don’t want to make the problem worse. I will submit a ticket to RW, but I am hoping to fix the issue without the long time delay that is sometimes associated with getting help directly from RW.

I should also note that loading any other site, or trying to create a new site also crashes RW 7.2.2

Did you update from within RW? That has been problematic for some users. Installing a fresh copy has also helped some people. You can re-dowload the app here:

I did load it from the prompt offered when I opened the site. I downloaded the new copy from the link you provided but I still have the same issue. Is it possible that the download is not actually replacing the existing copy? do I need to delete anything before opening the downloaded copy?

i downloaded stacks 3.2.6 and re-installed it even though it was the same version. This worked.

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