RapidWeaver 7 keeps crashing!

I try to open and it does for three seconds and then crashes. What’s up?

What version of RapidWeaver 7 is it? What version of macOS are you running??

mac OS 10.13.4 High Sierra - RapidWeaver version 7

Are you opening an existing project? Or starting from scratch? I think I saw you mention on another thread that you are new to RW. I assume that means that you do not have any addons installed then.

What version of RapidWeaver 7?? Hopefully 7.5.5, but just checking.



I have been using rapid weaver for at least 10 years starting with version 5. My existing projects are on 6, and I was attempting a new one on 7.

I have stacks installed.

Have you tried to download the program again and reinstall? You asked on another post about an uninstall, there is none.

Does RW6 still work okay?

I would recommend temporarily uninstalling ALL of your addons. It may be that you have something installed that is causing the issue – even things that you aren’t actively using can cause problems.

If you find that helps, then I’d try re-installing just the few things you absolutely need.

If that doesn’t help…

Then, I would recommend sending a crash report to the support folks. Often it can help diagnose what the problem is.

Yes I have trashed the 7 app and tried to reinstall it. The Little waiting circle keeps spinning, so it’s not being recognized. Thank you.



Now I have opened my project in RapidWeaver 6 and it is flashing on and off. What the heck is going on?

It’s almost like it’s blinking on and off.

Can Anybody help me solve this dilemma???

Did you do what @Isaiah suggested? Uninstall all 3rd party addons. Then restart RapidWeaver. Does it still crash?

I am having the same issue. Trying to publish a site and it finishing exporting and boom, gone! No notice of ‘something went wrong’ comes up when I re-open. I have RW 7 all stacks are up to date on my MacBook Pro.
never had anything like this happen before.

I don’t know where to find the third party add ons.

Not sure what you mean by “it’s not being recognized”, does the spinning circle occur when you first start RW7, or when you try to open a project?

In RW6 can you open a new project Okay? Sounds like the project file you are opening may have gotten corrupted, might want to try grabbing a TimeMachine backup and see if RapidWeaver 6 will open it.

When you first launched RW7 did you get a notification that your add-ons are being copied, and another when your add-ons have been copied?

You can find your add-ons folder with cmd+option+7. That will open it inside Finder. Simply move the contents to your desktop temporarily.

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Thank you, but cmd+option+7 only arranges my desktop. I doesn’t open the add-ons folder.

@Daphne: Are you sure? Works perfectly fine for me.

… are you IN RapidWeaver when you do the keyboard shortcut? Using version 7? (i.e. not 6)