Create a cart for products without a payment method

I have been developing a page where a club’s merchandise can be ordered using Super Forms 2. This works except that it sends the order with all the 0 quantity items as well as those with 1 or more. This makes the order somewhat confusing for the person handling it.
Quanity Mens TShirt S: 0
Quanity Mens TShirt M: 0
Quanity Mens TShirt L: 0
Quanity Mens TShirt XL: 1

I have a couple of cart stacks (Cart 3 and PaySnap) but they require a payment method (at least that is my understanding). I would like to set something up that works like that where items can be added to a cart and then the order emailed off.

Does anyone have any suggestions how best to deal with this requirement?

Hi ! I am not very familiar with all different kind of “webstore-stacks” but I think you could do this with RapidCart Pro: the functioning is very different from Cart3, and you can choose a lot of payment methods. One of them is just “Cash on delivery” ; so the customer can order without paying and will receive a proper bill… Of course, it means another stack you have to buy.
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Thank you for the reply.
I was hoping to avoid that but will investigate that option.
I was considering writing my own but I guess the time and effort would be outweighed by just spending the money.

If you are capable of custom work here is the perfect solution…

It isn’t all that difficult and the pricing is good. You could join Envato for a month for $16.50 and get a bunch of other stuff as well.

There is tons of great code out there for those willing to get under the hood. A lot of it is free.

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Since first posting this, I implemented Ecwid which allows for no payment details.
It works very well except using the free version restricts to 10 products which is OK as there are only 9 separate products and I was able to manage the variations e.g. size, gender etc within each product.

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