Create a paid membership site with Cartloom Subscriptions

Hey everyone, Cartloom now offers a HUGE new feature - Subscription Payments

We now provide Cartloom sellers an easy way to create reoccurring billing plans, elegantly collect signups, and automatically charge credit cards on set intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc)… But we took it even further, and dded a game changing RapidWeaver-only feature, you can also create protected, paid membership content areas in Stacks! Now, creating a paid membership site is as easy as…

  1. Create a Cartloom subscription plan.
  2. Drag a plan Protect container from Cartloom, and drop it into Stacks for RapidWeaver.
  3. Add your valuable content into the Protect stack.

Watch a video on this Protect setup here:

In RapidWeaver preview and publish, your valuable content will prompt a subscriber/membership login, and only paid subscribers will be able to access and view your protected content.

Making a subscription based website has never been this easy, and it’s Cartloom feature for RapidWeaver only. We’ve recorded 12 videos showing off all the main features you’ll find in Cartloom’s new Subscriptions, check them out here!

You can fully test out our Subscriptions, and everything else Cartloom has to offer with our free PLAY plan . You can start building an elegant paid membership site in RapidWeaver - today!

If you have any questions, please ask below, we’re happy to help!


This is beautiful. Nice work!

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