Create landscape image from portrait image (outside images blurred)

We’re all familiar with the sometimes need to make a “landscape” image from a “portrait” pic. This is usually done by putting 3 pics side by side and blurring (or other effect) the outside two.

Is there a graphic utility that does this quickly and easily? Something designed specifically to do this?

I always use the ‘panorama’ functionality in Photoshop Elements - but then, this is not free.

I’m hoping for a utility…
But It can actually be done in RW. Here’s the stacks I used (I’m sure there are others)

  • Place and set UsefulStack to desired final image width
  • Place Adaptive Grid (set with 3 grids) within the UsefulStack with 1 pt padding and a dark background. This will give a 1 px dark line between the images.
  • I then placed an ImageWizard stack in each grid and set a Contrast of 35% on the outside pics. ImageWizard has other effects that could be used instead. (Brightness, Blur, Opacity, etc)
  • Preview the image and take a cropped screen shot for your final image. (Save the page/stack for future use.)
    (Note: Intent is to have an image for use in an opt-in mail list, perhaps twitter, facebook, ,etc)


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