Creating a Media Hub

We are in process of creating a website where we will store all of our media (images, video, and audio etc) for our organization members to download and use. We want to be able to make it so that organization staff can upload media contents to it without using RW.

So I am assuming for something like this I will need to look into one of the CMS stack and something like Joe Video Wall (We store all of our video on Vimeo) , a gallery stack and I am not sure what we need for audio. It will be a secure site with member access only so I will need CMS with database to store all members information and that I can add my own record field for member information for them to sign up and store in db etc.

Also it need to be geofenced to USA and Canada only so anything outside will not be able to access it. Is there a CMS with geofence or a geofence stack available?

Any suggestion and feedback are welcome.

Thank you

Hi Bill,

I think Repository Stack would fit in regards to file management.

Cheers Jannis

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Bill: As Jannis mentions, the Repository stack is probably a great foundation for what you want to do. Using the Repository stack you can both upload and download materials.

… you may want to focus on Repository for uploading materials and using Paperless for having a nice place for folks to download those same materials. More here:

Joe’s Video Wall is very good, and so is YouPlay by Rapid Ideas:

There are stylistic differences between the two so check both out and see which meets your needs best.

Doing memberships and controlling logins can all be done beautifully with Sitelok. I’m not sure you need to geofence per se. I think you can simply control via how students register/join. At any rate, more on Sitelok here:

Joe W has a set of Sitelok stacks. You’ll need Sitelok first but his stacks make it a bit easier to implement Sitelok protections on various pages. Not truly needed, but can be very helpful for speeding up your work process.


Sitelok stack is one item that is on my list.

Repository and paperless stack look a possible choices however we will need a main menu that have 6 square button like Video, Lobby Show, Music etc to make it touch screen friendly

On video or audio page we need filtering search and featuring (recently added video) .like red label on corner “Just added”

I added two screenshot from our existing hub which I wanted to replace. It running on an outdated Drupal CMS


Okay … none of that seems very difficult. It depends on what tools you already have. E.g. if you have Foundation or Foundry then there’s a lot you can do with them.

… YouPlay allows for tabs.

… Filter stack by YabDab offers nice filtering and sorting.

… remember that Paperless also allows for filtering.

… you may want a look at Feature Section by onelittledesigner.

It seems there’s a lot of different things you want. That’s fine but it’s kind of hard when we don’t know what you already have. We could unintentionally be suggesting you buy products you don’t need to buy based on what you already have.

Thank you for those good suggestion. I made a note of those stacks and I will check it out.

I started with RW with Joe’s Foundation stack and recently I been using some of the BWD stacks so now I am developing websites with a mixture of Foundation and BWD stacks.

Before RW, I was using Visual Studio Code and Subline with Foundation CLI and I switched over to RW after being hired by organization that have so many websites to maintain so I knew I need to go back to GUI again. I was coming from Hotdog, Frontpage and Dreamweaver (preAdobe) era. Only old fart developer like myself will know what I am talking about :slight_smile:

There is one other web developer here maintaining one of the website using Muse. I tried it and I hated it. I am sorry Muse lover but I just can’t understand how you can possibly love it. :confused:

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Bil: That’s all good to know. With Foundation and BWD you have a … great foundation (sorry, couldn’t resist) … to build from. Something like the Feature Section stack may allow you to do some things faster/quicker than starting with Foundation/BWD but using a good grid stack and adding some options could get you to the same place. At any rate, Feature Section is here:

I don’t remember all the filter stack options. Certainly Filter by Yabdab does a good job, but there’s 2 or 3 other ones as well. Another approach entirely is to create a blog, but not call it a blog. The blog structure has filtering built in (think categories and tags).

In Vimeo you can add your own video poster image. (At least I know you can if you have one of the paid accounts, not sure about the free account.) So it would not be automatic, but still easy enough to create a “just added” image that you add to a screenshot of the video in something like Affinity Photo, Photoshop, or similar. That way you can easily change poster image to have (or not) the red tag as time moves on. I don’t believe there’s any tool within RW that with automatically do this for you.

Looks like you have an interesting website to put together!

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