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I have a pre-sales, pre-everything question about the general functionality of RapidWeaver. I am a photographer, presently using Zenfolio. The platform has a feature that allows me to create a gallery of images that are accessible directly from a URL that the platform generates, without the need to place a link for the gallery in the public site. I can copy the URL and send it to my client. The client can review the images without navigating the public site. I can also password protect the client site.

Does RapidWeaver or any of the numerous stacks and themes have the same feature? Thanks. Jim

RapidWeaver would be a replacement for something like Zenfolio. You could get some of that functionality, but from my limited understanding of Zenfolio for what Photographers use it for, you would really have to get creative with RW to make it work that way.

Thanks, teefers. Yes, Zenfolio is a very capable platform, but I’m semi-retired and don’t need all the features, nor expense. I was hoping that RW would have some of the functionality, at an affordable price. Can you guess it RW could do client galleries that could be accessed without linking them to the public site?

Please let me know. Thanks, again.

Hi Jim,

you could certainly do that. I’ve knocked up a quick example.

  1. Go to http://www.fisherofmen.co.uk (ignore the odd name, it’s just one of my test sites)
  2. I’ve created a page called Photos but hidden it from the menu
  3. This hidden page is inside a folder called Jim, so just add that to the URL (http://www.fisherofmen.co.uk/Jim); this is the link you’d send to the client
  4. Open that page and you’ll be asked for a passcode (it can also be set to use a password if you prefer); type in 1234 and the page will open.
  5. Your client can then browse the gallery of photos
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