Creating a password protected section within a website

I would like to create an online area not generally visible, but assecible by a link. With unique login by username and password.
I don’t have an idea where to start.
I gather I will need an htaccess file?

There are various ways to do this and it depends on how sophisticated your needs are.

I’d get started by having a look at PageSafe for good, basic protection.

And then Sitelok for something more sophisticated with a membership area and so forth.



As Rob said above you can do it several ways, he mentioned two products that make the process easier to implement.

Sitelok will allow a full blown membership site. It can allow the user to “sign up”, subscriptions (with payment if needed), protect resources, and the user can manage their own login credentials like password resets.

Pagesafe is easier to setup, lets you protect webpage(s), but you the webmaster must do the credentials manually. It also doesn’t protect resources like file links.

If you’re running Apache there’s an option built in using htaccess and htpasswd files. It’s a total manual process and although free can take a good amount of time to setup. You might have a look at this

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Basic way is to create a new page with your private content and Page Safe stack. Uncheck -show in navigation- in the inspector and create a link to that page in your footer area, or somewhere else on the page.

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