Members only Password protection

Is there a way to create a password protected, members only website utilizing the rapid weaver platform?

That depends on what you mean…

If you want each user to have his/her own UID/PWD, you’d have to use PHP & a database to facilitate that. I’m not sure there is an equivalent stack (I couldn’t readily locate one).

I’m not sure if Lockdown by Yourhead still functions (haven’t used it myself), but it does provide a certain level of granular protection.

If you want to hand out a simpler solution, PageSafe by @joeworkman might work for you.

That’s all I know at the moment…

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What you use is completely dependent on how safe and how individualized you need password protection. For basic password protection PageSafe by Joe Workman is a great solution. If you need something more complex (e.g. each person having their own login, etc.) then the best product I’ve found is SiteLok. It’s not a stack, but plays very nicely with RapidWeaver. (The developer uses RapidWeaver himself so he’s quite capable of providing great help.) More on SiteLok here:

I’m not quite sure which of these solutions is best for your needs as you did not provide much detail on what you need. If you have more specific questions let us know and I’m sure we can help you out.


Ah - SiteLok - I couldn’t remember the name!!! :smiley:

Plus one for @Mathew’s suggestion. SiteLok is awesome and the developer is happy to assist. I have it in four or five of my sites, and am very, very pleased with it. (I first bought it several years ago after Mathew posted positively about it - I’m so happy he did so…and that I followed up by purchasing it).

Cost for installing into second (and subsequent sites) is half-off. It’s a bargain.


Have look at (Free)

For more advanced version check :- (Paid)

I have not personally used them, but i know that it can be integrated with Rapidweaver websites. You can always try out the demo version of these scripts and paste it in the rapidweaver(HTML stack) project.

Regards, Rajat