Creating Clean Links for Blog Homepage


New to the party here with a question that I hope has a quick answer.

I’m using Rapidweaver 6 and want to make my blog page (using the default blog page) my homepage. I want to have a clean link for my posts that look like this: However, when I publish my site, the link looks like this:

In the General Settings, I have “/blog” in the Folder field and “index.php” in the Filename field.

Is it possible to make my links look the way that I want?

Hi casualpilot, if you want your blog page to be the home page, you can’t but accept index.html or index.php and the index_files folder. Index.html and index.php are the web standard, so to speak, for your home page on the root level of your public_html (or equivalent, depending on the server system) folder, and Rapidweaver creates the index_files folder automatically (sometimes Rapidweaver names this folder “files” instead, but I don’t know a way to control this really). You could probably “override” this with some redirect - redirect visitors between the index.html or index.php and your custom location - or tell the browser it should load something else instead, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Perhaps some other forum member could explain this more in detail. For your home page, whether a blog or not, in the Rapidweaver page inspector, general, you should have the folder field empty and index.html or index.php in the filename field.

Thanks for the help! :+1:t2: That makes sense.

One more question on redirects, if I may.

I use a 3rd party blog stack right now and my current url scheme is

Since I’m moving all posts (over 200) to the new url, is there an easy way to setup the 301 redirects without having to input them one by one? My host uses Apache. The new scheme would be

Thanks so much!

Does your service provider offer cPanel to manage your site? There you can control the redirects quite easily. In this case, you’d need to use some regex to redirect all at once but anyway I think this is quite possible. Sorry but I’d need to check myself too to know what your string should be, I haven’t needed regex too often and don’t remember by heart.

Well, this is a tricky one. I’m not able to produce the regex string for you, sorry. You’d probably need some extra code to copy the blog post titles from the old URLs. I was in a similar situation myself once. I was using Rapidblog (and Blogger) and moved over to Armadillo, and all my old blog post links went void. I didn’t really solve that in any way. If you try to open an old link to some blog post, a 404 page will open. But you could do this more elegantly by directing to the main blog page. So from* (* is regex and means any characters) to No guarantees this will work but you can give it a try!

I really appreciate you playing around with some ideas to help me out! This is one of the more inelegant transitions I’ve found using RW, so I think I’ll just bite the bullet and break all the links one last time.

I’ve spent some time playing and got the 404 setup to send visitors to my main page (the blog) and they’ll just go from there. I also got it to play nicely with CloudFlare and my https forwarding there, so I’m all set. I’m hoping to grow my readership this year, so I want to get all of these technical issues out of the way before it becomes a major headache.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome, I’m glad if it helped you in finding your solution. I’m just a common Rapidweaver user myself and wondered these things in the past - not so long ago. I like to review things as something new might come up to learn. Good luck with your new blog!