Creating folders in my resources = broken image links?


I am using the Shift theme for my website and have been using this custom CSS code to replace the themes default banner with my own

#banner {background-image: url("%resource(FAQ1.jpg)%")}

I had previously just been chucking in images to ‘my resources’ but i’ve now got so many images in my resources that i want to organise them into folders, however whenever i do this it breaks the link to the banner.

Does anyone know how i should edit the CSS code above for it to link correctly to images within folders i’ve created in my resources ?

For example ‘FAQ1.jpg’ is now in a folder called ‘Banners’ in my resources.

I’ve tried editing the CSS to this in the hope it works but unsurprisingly it doesn’t (this stuff is over my head tbh)

#banner {background-image: url("%resource/Banners(FAQ1.jpg)%")}

Any help would be appreciated


banner {
   background-image: url("%resource(Banners/FAQ1.jpg)%")

Is what you’re looking for.



Thank you very much, seems obvious when i look at it now !