Creating French Accents


Foundation. Stacks, obviously.

I am not able to create words that contain a French accent using the normal procedure of the option key, as specified by the Keyboard Viewer. It first deposits the accent, and then the letter next to it, but not underneath it.

Wondering how to go about being a chic cosmopolitan kind of person.


I use Eastern European characters (similar situation to yours) all the time in one of my web sites. Here’s how I go about it: in the top menu strip, click on the flag representing the system-wide language version and select ‘Show Character Viewer’. In the Character Viewer I select ‘Latin’ and from there, I just double click on the accented letter I need.

I admit, this is not the most productive way of doing things, but I was not able to find any better way so far. Perhaps someone else will give us both a better advice…

You’re right, Monsieur R. It is a little bit laborious, but it worked.

Thanks, or rather, merci.

You’re welcome… :grin:

Döéśñ’t just holding down the key in OS X 10.10.x give you these options as well? Not sure if they will be seen on the web with RapidWeaver, but that is what I did in the word Doesn’t at the beginning. See the screenshot

At least that works for me in the forums.


That method (holding down the key) does not work in Rapidweaver itself. In Rapidweaver, you get the accent and then sequentially you get the letter, but not in combo.

Thanks to Rovertek, I now know that the Character Viewer works. It’s fine.

Strange - in a Text Stack, entering diacritics (prolonged holding/pressing of, for example, a vowel until the choices (acute, grave, circumflex) appear above in light blue, then selecting the one you want) works in RW Edit and Preview mode just as it does in the OS as normal.

Something else going on, Butternut?

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Ta dum.

I never knew about that. The only method I knew previously was to hold the option key, and then choose the keyboard letter that corresponded with the accent.

My method didn’t work in Rapidweaver. Yours is ultra simple, and it works.

Thank you so much.

@MarkSealey, thank you for this. It works faster than my method of using the Character Viewer, but it does not allow me to use all Eastern European characters. For example, I can type " ś ", but I can’t type " ą " that way. And I do have ‘Polish’ selected as a secondary language in my OS X. Am I missing something?


Yes - I’d have to research it… is there perhaps an OS setting; otherwise it’s back to the Character Viewer.

You other option would deb, I think, to enter Unicode characters:



Good luck!

@MarkSealey, @instacks – Yes, I know of the Unicode table of characters, but this is even slower (and more mistake-prone) than my Character Viewer method.


Would [this article][1] help?

I’m still a little puzzled as to why the entry by selecting the character in the System’s Character Viewer, clicking then pasting into a RW page is so slow?

Do you have multiple diacritics in any one document (how do you usually place them there?) which won’t transfer to RW?

Otherwise, have you stumbled across a need waiting to be met by someone in the RW-development community… a stack called ‘Specials’, perhaps? :smile:

Mark, I’m afraid that the method described in the Apple article is not very efficient, because, according to them, I would have to constantly switch between languages. The keyboard layout for the other language is unfamiliar for me, so I need to use the English layout and switch occasionally to the other one. It only does make sense, if I write a considerable chunk of text in one language or the other, without the need for mixing words or phrases between those two languages. Unless I did not get the meaning of that article…

I think you misunderstood me about the slowness of the Character Viewer method. It is slow, because I have to interrupt my typing from the keyboard in order to double-click a specific diacritical character on the Character Viewer panel. This switching back-and-forth between the keyboard and the Viewer is very inefficient, annoying and tiring.

But it is still my preferred method. In the Favorites group within the Viewer, I created a collection of all diacritical characters that I use, so that they are not mixed up and dispersed all over the Latin group. That way, I am a bit faster at inputting them into my text.

A specialized stack for this purpose would be nice – if it would give me a chance to input all those characters faster than I do now. But I don’t see, how it could be accomplished. But then again, I am not a developer, so someone else probably could find a better way… :grin:

All understood, Rob. I’m sorry it’s such an involved procedure.

Perhaps the best way is to enter all the text in the way you normally do - in a text editor, which presumably will lack that slow-down - then paste it into RW.

Hope you can at least get your site done!

In ElCapitan the menu title has changed to:- Shoe Emoji and Symbols

Peter T