Creating multiple passwords in PAGE SAFE

Is it possible to add more than one password to Joe Workman’s Page Safe

I would like to be able to password protect individual customer web pages.
I seem to recall seeing this done on one of the tutorial videos. I have watched a couple of them but cannot seem to find this part.

How do you separate one password from another?
Is this a comma-separated-value type deal or is there a special combination of keys needed to put each password on it’s own line?

Solved my own problem.

To create multiple passwords in PAGESAFE you hold the option key down while hitting return key.

You can also change the pagesafe I’d for different pages to make different groups of pages use different passwords

That PageSafe is really impressive stuff.
Easy to set up and does just what it should.

The display on mine is set to accept PIN numbers but the actual key is Text based.
That somehow appeals to my junior-high school self.

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