PageSafe v1.4 - Hold onto Your Pants

(Joe Workman) #1

I just shipped a pretty awesome FREE update to PageSafe. You can now have multiple passcodes. As if that was not cool enough, you can also manage passcodes with Total CMS!!!

I will wait for you to catch your breathe, I know this is a lot to take in…

Multiple passcodes solves the issue where you have multiple people logging into a website and you may want to turn off their access in the future. You can now create as many passcode as you want in Page Safe (enter in one passcode per line in the settings). If you ever need to revoke a passcode, simply delete it from the list, publish and they are locked out.

Managing passcodes in Total CMS makes this a powerful way for customers to manage their own passcodes. On important note is that the passcodes configured inside the stack are considered “master” passcodes and cannot be changed or removed. This is so that you always know a passcode when your customer has forgotten theirs.

You can setup management of the passcodes very easily. Simply use a Text Admin stack and set the CMS ID to be the same as the PageSafe ID. Save one or more passcodes and you are done!

When managing passcodes with Total CMS, I need to be upfront and let you know that the CMS will store data in plain text on your server. While chances are slim anyone will discover it, it is a risk. This can be overcome simply by using a small rule inside your .htaccess file.

<Files pagesafe.cms>
order allow,deny
deny from all

This rule assumes that you are using the default PageSafe/CMS ID of pagesafe

PageSafe Homepage:

Enjoy the awesome FREE update!

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #3

thanks for the .htaccess tip!

(Alvin Ong) #4

Love the multiple passcode capability - its utterly brilliant when I need to show off prototype sites to different people. Now I can give and revoke access to my prototype sites to different parties easily.

(Pete Schuder) #5

I am unable to get the updated Page Safe to work for me. Has anyone else have a similar issue.

Here is a link to a page with Page Safe and some text. It just keeps refreshing with nothing showing up.

(Rob Beattie) #6

If you go to you’ll see the PageSafe login screen. You’ve probably got an old index.html file in the root which you need to remove with an FTP program.


(Mathew Mitchell) #7

@robbeattie pointed out the solution. What probably happened is you designed what was on the page previously (i.e. the content) and all would display fine with an “html” file. But Page Safe needs to use PHP for the “magic” to work. Just remove the old index.html file in that folder (via FTP app) and you’ll be fine to go. Unfortunately there is no way to remove this extra file using RapidWeaver.

(Pete Schuder) #8

Thank you so much. That was the ticket that made it work. I should have known that, as I have seen other posts making that suggestion.