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Hi there! Got RW8 new and started to fool around with a template. I got a white box with text in the middle of my page and would like to center the text, but that doesn’t seem to be able unless I know how to write code; which I don’t. Isn’t there an easy way to format text?


At the bottom of the main RW screen, you should see some alignment buttons along with a few others. Highlight the text and try those at the bottom.

I assume you’re using a styled text page?

Hi Thanks for the reply!
I am on the first HOME-page.
What is a styled text-page?
I see a master-style page on the left inspector.
At the bottom is nothing there.


Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Much easier to help.

Are you using Stacks? A theme?

I am using a theme, but it’s the same problem if I don’t.
This is one mode:

This is the view mode:

I’d like to have it centered and the lines split like it the first pic.

What he was asking ie page type is: when you clicked the + to add a new page which page type did you select?

I assume since you don’t see formatting options you selected markdown if that is the case then you need to use markdown formatting within your text to control the look.

If you want to redo the page in a styled text(if you didn’t select that, to begin with).

Add a Page Select Styled text:

REtye your content (or copy and paste as plain text)

Place a blank line in between each line (if you want extra spacing) and select center at the bottom:

Otherwise, you will need to learn to use MarkDown and figure out some formatting(CSS).

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Thanx! That worked! At least the text is centered now, but I don’t get any extra spacing with a blank line nor can I define where the next line is. In view-mode all lines are following the next right away, while in edit-mode it’s the way I want to see it: One line, next line bellow etc.

I don’t know why, but I cannot control a “line down” or “space” in the text. I even created a new styled text and typed it in again, no change …

If I use a Styled Text page, type in some text and hit enter, the text moves down one line. This works in edit mode and preview. I can also use the space bar to create a space between words/letters.

Have you copied and pasted the text from another source with its own formatting?

Doesn’t work with the ‘offroad’ theme somehow. I picked a different theme and it works. I bought Stacks 3 and the Foundation-Pack now, but I still find it rather difficult to get into the program. Ages ago I worked with Dreamweaver, which I thought was easy for beginners. … I have spend almost 300 Euros now and still don’t seem to be there. :wink: Thanks for your help!
Any suggestions what PlugIn is good to create your own pages?


If you have Stacks and Foundation, you have everything you need to create great-looking pages with many different types of content.

It’s going to take time to get to grips with it all though, so be patient, try things out and watch Joe Workman’s Foundation videos on YouTube. There are a ton of these and they’ll really help you to get started.

Best of luck.

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Thanks! I always get this message I don’t understand: “You must add the Site Style stack to the page in order for Foundation to function properly”

Foundation is different to other themes and has a special Site Styles stack which controls stuff like fonts, colours, width etc. Just search for it in your Stacks library and drag it onto the page. Then the warning message will disappear.

Also, make sure you’ve selected the Foundation theme as your theme from the drawer, otherwise you’ll get some odd results.

But again - seek out those videos. They’ll give you a much better understanding of how everything works and you’ll get where you want to go much faster!


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I will need some time with it. I somehow seem to got rid of that message. When I set a link to a source, the text gets a different colour. Can’t I change that ‘linked’ colour?

Yes you can but you’ve got to read the docs and check the videos.


OK, I will! :wink:

I watched the video about the side style, did everything as described there, but when I change the coulor of ‘link’ for example, it doesn’t do anything in the actual page. It all seems to be very buggy …

If you’re trying to learn Foundations it’s going to take some time.

Foundations has been around for years and might still have a bug or two but it’s very stable. I think it’s more your understanding of the product.

It’s a great product, very flexible but has a learning curve. You seem to be new to RapidWeaver so you might want to learn the basics first before taking on foundations.

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