Creating three versions of menu

I am not sure how to go about this. I have this right now ( and I need to create the exact same in French and Portuguese. I understand I need basically three versions of everything. One thing that puzzles me is how to go about the Menu: I need to have the same menu in French and in Portuguese linking to respective pages.

How do I go about this?

Thank you!

I am just thinking that I might need to create these three versions as three different project, I just did not want to do that originally in order to maintain consistency in styling: so that I do not have to transfer all the minor changes to every single project (that is simply the same but is just in a different language).

Two more questions:

  1. Is there a way I can add an item to the navigation bar that is an external link and not an internal link within a project? I was thinking that if I decide to go with three different projects (one for each language), I will have to create an external link in the navigation bar (from the English page to the French and Portuguese, and vice versa). I do not see how I can do this.
  2. How can I change the font off the title, slogan and the items in the navigation bar? I am trying to replace Voyager with Offroad themes as I like having a visible menu as opposed to hidden in the corner, but I do not like the font of Offroad and want to keep the font of Voyager for Offroad. Am I stuck with whatever is given to me? So unfortunate… I just cannot seem to like any formats really and want to have a choice of my own font. I would appreciate your help!!


the new stack Clear Menu from 1ld One little designer can do that: internal and external links in one menu.
I used it and it works fine.

Hi, Olga,

You do need to translate your text to 2 more languages. But you can use all 3 language versions on the same page (single project), which makes maintenance of your website much more productive and easy. For this, you’ll need the RWML suite of stacks from Will Woodgate. RWML takes care of menu localization, as well. All stacks that Will sells have free demo versions to try out before you buy.

For an external link in the menu, you need to add an “off-site page” with the URL of the external page and make this page visible in navigation. This way, you don’t need any additional stacks.

Most themes give you an ability to change fonts in their styles. The most flexible in this respect are free-form themes, like Foundation, Foundry, Ui-Kit and so on.

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The built in “Offsite” plugin (page type) does that.

If it’s not a option in the settings of the theme you are using you can usually do things like that with custom CSS. When asking for help with things like this it’s always best to provide an URL to at least a test page. Otherwise folks trying to help you would have to duplicate your environment. Also try to be specific to what you want changed to what.

Hi Rob,

Thank you! I will have to try the stacks then. They scare me a little as my previous experience with them has been very bad.

As for changing fonts, Voyager gives me an option to change the fonts of the title, but not the Offroad for some reason. Some do not even allow me to change the banner, which seems to be very limiting. The ones you mentioned (Foundation, Foundry, Ui-Kit) are they in a new version (Version 8)? I cannot find them in version 7, and I do not want to upgrade.

Foundry works great in RW v7. You’ll be good to go.

You shouldn’t be scared of Stacks. They are the best part of RW. They extend the abilities of RW so much that you can build any kind of site you want. Of course, to use them properly, you have to learn. This forum is a great place to get help. Another source of knowledge are respective developers’ product pages, instructional videos and example projects. There’s more videos on YouTube and Vimeo. You will learn almost painlessly.

Different themes give you different possibilities of customization. That’s what’s to be expected. But, as I said before, the most flexible are frameworks like Foundation and Foundry. Both work with RW7. BTW, they are not parts of RapidWeaver. They are separate themes that need to be obtained from different developers. Having one of those frameworks is like having all the pre-made themes together. I don’t think I will ever buy another pre-made theme again. I tried to use Foundry and Foundation. I ended up using Foundation (it’s a personal choice, but Foundry is just as good—some people prefer Foundry) with a bunch of free stacks from BWD for layout and then, specialized stacks, mainly from Will Woodgate (S4S).

Thank you! Can I use Foundation with RWML together? (I just explored RWML and I like what I see).

I think I might go with Foundations after all (do you think the investment is worthwhile?). One concern I have is that I have to upgrade to a new version every year (for an additional cost 0 - that is my understanding…), and buying stacks (with upgrades too) can amount to quite a cost at the end.

Is there a reason you prefer Foundation over Foundry?

Thank you, Doug! Sorry about the confusion with explanation. I was skeptical about uploading a test page so that I do not mess up the other pages with a different theme.

I want the font of the title, slogan and menu from this page ( to be used with the Offload theme like on this page ( The Offload theme does not allow me play with fonts, and I am not confident in CSS (I know close to zero about how to use them). Or would you simply recommend going with Foundation to make it more malleable from the scratch?

Thank you for your help!

You didn’t say what you wanted to change too. But some examples to try.

Site Title:

.site-title {
    font-family: Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif;


.site-description {
    font-family: "Lucida Console", Monaco, monospace;

Menu items

.l_tinynav1 a {
    font-family: Georgia, serif;

Yes, you can use RWML with Foundation. That’s what I am doing. (You can also use RWML with Foundry.)

It is definitely worth your while to try Foundation, or other framework. After scaling the initial learning curve, you will gain unlimited options in your design and layout.

I am not aware of any additional cost every year. Foundation is one-time purchase. Incremental updates are free.

Some stacks are free (BWD) and some are paid. That pertains to all themes: pre-made ones and free-form ones. I highly recommend free BWD layout and utility stacks. In my opinion, they are the best in their category.

The reason for my preference for Foundation over Foundry is very subtle and hard to define. It just “feels” a bit more open-ended to me. But this can change any day. You will have to try for yourself.

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