Customizing site banners

A lot of 3rd party themes now have the (awesome) option to change banner image quite simply in the inspector (header) . It works fine on a new rw project (i tried offroad and voyager theme) but on existing themes (mostly built in rw6 and transferred to rw7) it does’nt work, i get the error message : the theme you have selected does not support banner images. Is there a way to customize banners (for the themes that offer this option) on existing projects ?

Not sure if I understand the question, if the theme you choose offers the option then what would you want to customize? Or perhaps you are asking to change banners on themes that don’t have that new option?
For either question, the easiest way to get that kind of help is to provide a URL, even if it’s just a test page.

@waltermerckx You are attacking the problem the wrong way. RW 7 includes a new feature in General Preferences to add a site wide banner (this overides the theme banner if this is an option in the theme itself) - but - if the Theme itself does not contain a Banner area you will get the message you got. If your old themes contained an “Extracontent” area/option you could put your banner there. You’ll, need the extracontent stack to do this - and frankly its a pretty good solution (usually). Some themes give you the option to actually add you own images but you have open the theme using “Show Package Contents” (right clicking on the theme icon) of the theme to do this and overwrite the custom images of say banner10.jpg with your own picture labelled banner10. What are the names of the themes you are trying to use - if I’ve got them myself I could get you more guidance.

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