Database driven picture archive for RW

I have a client who would like to set up a searchable picture archive. Each picture would have about 10 text fields associated with it, as well as a list of 10 additional keywords. Visitors to the site would need to be able to search on the fields and/or on the keywords and get back the matching pictures. Pictures should be viewable as thumbnails or large size. Ideally visitors would be able to save their search results and/or manually group pictures into lists for future use (I realize this requires usernames and passwords).

Is it possible for me to do this with RapidWeaver? I asked about using TotalCMS but they directed me to look for a “classic database” (not sure what that means exactly).

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

Look at Piwigo Gallery. Opensource and will do precisely what you are looking for with the Community plugin.

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Thank you! I am looking at Piwigo.

@Bill has something therefore.

Thanks Jannis @inStacks

Hi Axel,

I sent you back an email a couple of days ago, but didn’t hear back from you. I had some ideas on how you could do your project. If you want to talk further, just email me through my site and we can screenshare.


Sounds good Bill, I’m looking at some other things and will then maybe be in touch.

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