DateSnap issue on mobile phones

I’m using DateSnap inside a Foundation site - and am receiving lots of complaints from folks who can’t get the events to open on their phones. It will work, but it’s very touchy…I can certainly understand people getting frustrated. Anyone have any ideas on a different solution? You can see it here - click into September and then try and open any of the events. Works great on desktops and tablets…virtually impossible on mobile devices.


Seems to work as expected and I agree the events can be hard to hit on an iPhone screen. We use the same calendar. Same issue.

Btw, what are u using to sign up and view participants. Looks slick.


Thanks @garageshop - if it’s hard for us to use it on an iPhone screen, it’s next to impossible for customers (and they are the ones that count). Really hoping Yabdab will address the issue.

I put two SweetButtons into each DateSnap event stack, and then link them to a form and report generated by MachForm. I (and others) highly, highly recommend them for forms. It’s database-driven, so it’s crazy-easy for customers to customize the form AFTER it’s in the website. All submissions automatically go into the db (so nothing can ever slip through the cracks) - and the emails that MachForm generate (to the person who filled out the form as well as whoever you want the forms to go to) are fantastic. Using logic, it’s super easy to route forms to different people. As an example, load this page and then wait for the Contact Us to appear. Click it and you’ll see that folks have to choose a location. Depending upon which location is selected, a different person at SCDIAG will receive the submission.

Oh, and if creating a database isn’t your thing, the developer will be happy to log into your hosting account and do it for you…FOR FREE. The customer support is awesome.

Cheers, Dave

Thanks Dave,

I will have to explore creating something similar with FromSnap and mySQL.