DateSnap Event and DateSnap Source not displaying properly

I’m having an issue with a Calendar of events on our site. We use the DateSnap stack with one DateSnap Source stack and multiple DateSnap Event stacks inside it. The versions being used are v1.1.2.

The stacks look fine within RapidWeaver and the calendar displays properly in preview, but after we publish, the calendar doesn’t display on the webpage. In the recent past I worked around this by restoring the site from a backup, but now even that isn’t working.

Here is a link to our Calendar page:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


It looks to me like the content on this page requires Php – but that your server is not processing Php.

some things to try:

  • make sure this page has the “.php” extension
  • enable php on your server
  • make sure there is not both index.html AND index.php files published on your server. you should have just index.php
  • contact your hosting company and inquire about php and if it needs to be set up

Also: probably unrelated to the problem above, but worth consideration: there is a jQuery error on this page. The page is using both Bootstrap (which requires at least v1.9) and some other content which is loading v1.8. Stacks will normally load whatever version of jQuery is requested by the stacks that are on the page. Some stack on this page is requesting an older version – a bit too old for your theme.


Hi Isaiah,

Thanks for the help. We did all of your recommended steps and unfortunately, nothing improved. We’ve reached out to Yabdab support and they are investigating as they noticed the JSQuery error as well.


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