CSS Stripping from Page?

Everything was working until today… (Including all the Stacks and Plug-ins used, including PlusKit).
It seems the CSS is stripping on this page: www.sewaneeangelpark.com, so that even a 2-COLUMN Stack isn’t appearing in its two columns (one column down the page), and certain colors and things aren’t working.

What’s also weird, is when I republish the site, this page always puts two formats in: html and php, although the page (in General Settings) is told to be php.

I’ve tried removing all Stacks individually to narrow it down, but get no results.

Any clues?


The page looks okay to me although I’m not sure what it is supposed to look like.
Perhaps you need to clear your browser cache.
There is no index.html only index.php

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Hmmm… I wonder why that happened. I even had cleared my cache. Seems it just needed to “settle into place.”
Say, I’m wondering if you can decipher why the map stack (MapSnap) isn’t loading on that page (bottom left). It does indeed flash visible right at page load, but then displays the message (Oops! Something went wrong."


Hi, you need a Google API key in order to have maps displayed correctly. I do not know if MapSnap does already support this, as the stack seems to be quite old.

Jan is correct, Google now requires an API key.

Error message:

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