Offsite page not working on mobile

Hi there,
i created a website with the Foundation Theme. I have some pages with submenu’s. There is no content on the these pages on the main-level. Therefor i used the Off-site page plugins from RW itself, to redirect to the first page on the sublevel.
This is working perfectly on desktop. Also, it works when the mobile menu appears (the hamburger). But, with the website on landscape, on an iPad, the links on the main menu, to the first subpage are not working. It is impossible to click on the item in the main menu to be redirected to the first subpage. It is however possible to navigate to the second page in the submenu.
One solution would be to force the mobile menu on tablet, with the setting ‘full menu at Desktop’. This is however not working in landscape mode.
Apparently, this behaviour is not only on iPad, but also on Android tablets.
Anyone else ran into this problem? Does someone have a solution?


Dick Sijtsma

Do you have a URL for us to see this issue on?

Another option, in place of the offsite plugin, is to change those to Stacks pages and enclose the titles in a header tag.

So, in the page listing on the left of your Rapidweaver window it might look like:
About Us
   Sub menu item 1
   Sub menu item 2

Then clicking on Services would just bring up the sub menu.

This is the url:

Hey Jason,
Didn’t know this one. I’m gonna try this coming week. Thanks.

You’re welcome. It doesn’t work with most themes, I don’t think, but it does for Foundation