Deleting multiple pages crashes RW

one of the features of RW7 is the option to delete several pages at once. However, if i delete 2 pages at the same time, RW crashes every time. Does this happen to others too?


Dick Sijtsma

Yes, seen that before also.

Thanks. Should i file a bug-report @dan or @ben? I’ve been sending those crash reports. Don’t know if you receive them.

Thanks for the heads-up. This should be fixed in the next release, version 7.5.4, due this week!


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Great! Could you also (re)fix the fact that a restart of RW opens in a new instance on the dock, instead of the original icon?
This was fixed earlier, but re-appeared.

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I believe that is a MacOS issue not RW. It happens with some other apps too.

Not sure. It has been reported and fixed before for Rapidweaver.

@dan Yes please fix this. If you install something with a project file open, (bad practice but it happens), RW demands that you relaunch. Behind the Relaunch window is a Do you want to Save Dialogue box. Before you Save or Cancel, RW7 starts up a new instance in a new position on the Dock and then opens the file that is still currently unsaved from the first instance of the still open RW. If you make a change in one of the files, it will not be reflected in the other.

An option to Quit RW after a stack install, would be better

Happens in the latest beta -

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Ah well thats different. Can understand how that would be annoying.

+1, @webdeer. That’s exactly my point. You’ve found the correct words to address it.

What happened to 7.5.3? I’m at 7.5.2 and seem to be up-to-date…

Sorry, here’s a link to the last beta of RapidWeaver 7.5.4:

7.5.3 didn’t get released yet (as we were waiting for Apple to review it, so have moved on to 7.5.4). it might mean we go straight to 7.5.4 for the next public release.


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