Deleting old themes

How do I delete very old RW themes that I no longer use

@macca, a very recent post was on exactly how to do this… a simple search of the forums would turn up this tutorial, @Oscar has additional information below my post on physically removing them. This applies to the default RapidWeaver Themes in RapidWeaver 6.x only.


Hi Turtle and thank you for your reply, I checked out that link but it only refers to the classic themes
I want to get remove some very old 3rd party themes that I no longer use


In RW6.x

  1. Open RW

  2. Select RapidWeaver -> Manage Addons…

  3. Select Themes from the top menu

  4. Navigate to the Theme you want to remove

  5. Option+Click or right click and choose “Delete Addon”

  6. RapidWeaver will remove the Theme


does not work for me I get this when I right click

@macca, because it is a default RapidWeaver Theme or their Bonus ThemePack. Typically, any Theme with a version number of 6.0 is RealMac’s and you have to use the other instructions to delete them.


Goycha ! did not realise they where RW , I will use the other method, and hope RW will allow delete in V7

Thanks a Million

They will not. The Realmac team have explained why several times in their podcasts. But, as default they will be hidden so you no longer have to see them.

Official answer: