Existing theme with Foundry

Please forgive my Noobness™, I’ve tried searching but have not come across information about this.

I have a couple of existing themes that I quite like as a starting point, and also recently purchased Foundry with the Thunder and Potion pack add ons (may as well go all in).

I noticed whilst watching the tutorials that first the Foundry stack was dragged into the project, then the Foundry theme selected.

My question is, is there any potential pitfall to just dragging the Foundry stack to the top of an existing theme? The theme I am using allows for a full page background, and transparent blurred content/extra content (I’ve not yet found an easy way to do this from scratch, and am clueless with CSS for now), which I like as I am trying to give an “iPhone look” to my site. I am trying to simulate the control system experience, which is what my company does - automation systems.

I appreciate any tips or advice.



Don’t do that. :sunglasses: Even if it works, it goes completely against the concept of using Foundry in the first place - which is to offer more of a ‘free-form’ approach to designing a RW website. (And it’ll potentially cause all sorts of behind the scenes problems).

If you’ve found a theme that gives you the look and feel you want, why not use that? If not, which are the two themes you like as a starting point and which visual parts do you like in particular and let’s see if it’s possible to create the same look in Foundry.



The theme I am wanting to use for this project is HOA (https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/themes/hoa), specifically the “download page” look.

Basically, what I am trying to achieve, is a background image that covers the whole page, and transparent “blur” affect content sections that scroll up, blurring out the background as you scroll up.

The CSS code, I could probably figure out how to cut and paste it, but the whole page background has me stumped.

Thanks for any tips!


Have a look a BWD stacks: https://www.bigwhiteduck.com/

Thanks, checking it out now.


Why not just buy that theme? Or am I missing something?

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Sorry, may not have been clear. I have the theme, already paid for - but I want to modify it to my tastes using some of the Foundry stacks.


I wouldn’t try and use Foundry stacks with another theme. That’s not what they’re intended for, even if you somehow managed to get them work by adding the Foundry stack.

If you can explain what you want to modify in the HOA theme, someone may be able to offer some suggestions.


I’d like to find a way to make both the top bad and bottom bar transparent (though that has nothing to do with Foundry, now that I think about it).

I would like to use the accordion stack, and also gallery and icon bar stacks.

Whilst I’m learning limits - I presume mixing Foundry/non Foundry themes is not a good idea as far as the page goes, but can I mix Foundry pages with non Foundry theme pages as part of my site? ie - Gallery page does not need to use the HOA theme, I can build it myself, as an example.

Thanks for the help all, it’s good to learn all this before I get 95% through the site!


Hi, you can use Foundry theme with other stacks - that is no problem. But not other themes with the Foundry stacks without running into problems…


At the page level you can have every page use a different theme.

If you are using Foundry stacks on the page that page needs to be a Foundry Theme and have the Foundry Control Center stack on it.


Got it - that, actually, solves my dilemma. I can quite easily make that work - thanks!


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