Description below product image in Rapidcart Pro

(Martin D) #1

would you put the text below the product pictures? For all products the same text. Something like “the picture is illustrative”!
Thank you for your help.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Not sure if I understand what you’re asking.
But if you’re talking about a picture with a caption below, then it’s up to you. I wouldn’t use the same caption for more than one image as it serves no purpose. You still need to use the alt-text field.

(Martin D) #3

I need the text below the product image.Description

(Jason Bostick) #4

There should be a caption field when you add an image/resource. Have you tried that?

(Martin D) #5

I would like to see the text below the picture permanently. For example - a picture of the item is illustrative.

(Jason Bostick) #6

That may not be an option if your are using the plugin as is, or the store stack as is (I’m not at my RW computer so I’m going off a very fuzzy memory of the options). If you create individual product pages with the RCP set of stacks, you should be able to lay that all out as you wish.

(Martin D) #7

I just use the plugin. The products are about 100, so it would be difficult for everyone to create a product page.

(system) #8

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