Rapid cart Pro and protected client galleries

I have Rapidcart Pro and considered upgrading to advanced for the digital downloads.
I am wondering if:

  1. Will RCPA work behind a locked page with say PageSafe by Joe Workman?
  2. Organising products: say I do a shoot where the client selects photos, how are they organised for Client 1 under products as opposed to Client 2 so that each Client gallery remains separate and private.

I am thinking I set up a new Product Stack for each Client (behind a PageSafe login) and the TAGS used in RCPA (Client 1; Client 2 etc) will sort according to each client to appear on the product page.
However, does that mean I have to create a new product for every single image for every single client? That will be a chore.

I have a feeling I am missing a crucial step or misunderstanding something somewhere with RCP in the set up for multiple images for 1 client.
Basically I am trying to achieve separate client galleries like Zenfolio etc which are p/w protected and allow for the selection, purchase and download of images.


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I’m no expert in RapidCart, but I think that best way to achieve what you need is to create stacks pages for each client where you would use the free grid stack. The grid stack allows you to create a page of products from one category or tag.

You can see more info about the stacks here. If you haven’t already got the free stacks, you can get them here by selecting “demo”.

As for locking down the pages; I’ve never used the PageSafe stack so I’m not 100% sure, but I see no reason it wouldn’t work.

You’d also probably have to find a way to hide the main Store page that includes all of your products.

I hope that helps.

Thanks Neil

I have Rapidcart Pro already and I was figuring I would need to use the grid stack with tags.
Hiding main store page - I had not thought of that - thanks!

Still not clear on how I would integrates with AS3 - 1 client - multiple images in gallery with RPC.