Rapidcart Pro 4 image display problems

Hi all,

I apologise if this question has been asked before, but I can’t find an answer.

I am using RW7 and the Havnit theme from seyDesign. I am trying to get a site running with RapidCart Pro 4.10.0, and I’ve fallen at the first hurdle.

I have created a product, which shows up with the image correctly on the store page. If you click on the ‘view product’, you get to the description page, which correctly shows the description of the product and the thumbnails of the images, but not the larger image above the thumbnails. There is an empty space where the larger image should be displayed. If you move a pointer into this space then a grey magnifying glass appears. Clicking in this space then opens the full-size image in the Lightbox view.

I have changed the ‘resources’ so that the URL for the main image and the thumbnails are 'local; and link to resources in RW and also changed them to ‘remote’ and link to the image that was uploaded to the site. The links seem to be correct (as the image displays ok if you click in the empty space), but nothing makes any difference to whether the larger image is displayed above the thumbnails. I have tried using the ‘Preview’ tab to view the page and also published it to the site to view it live and both have the same problem.

If I use the rapidcart default image (the grey cube), then it seems to display both the thumbnail and the large image above it correctly.

Please help. I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong. I am very new to Rapidweaver, so I’d appreciate simple explanations if they exist!

Thanks in advance.


Can you post a link to the published page please, that way people will be able to check what is going on and be better able to help you.



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Hi Mark

Thanks for your reply. Yes, sorry - I should have included a link. Here it is:




Only had time for a quick look, but the immediate thing to try would be to remove the brackets for the resources names, for example rename:







It’s embarrassing when it’s something so simple!

That’s fixed the problem.

Thanks so much.


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You’re welcome.

When linking to any resource generally best to use lower case letters, avoid special charectars and separate with -'s (as you had done).



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