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Hi. I’m looking for a RW developer for two relatively simple sites. The first is a single page but uses some animation to fade a logo in, have it reposition itself in the upper left and then the main page content loads…likely a rotating section with images and text.

The 2nd site is for my sons photographs. He takes pictures of wildlife and birds and I’d like to give him a sight he can direct people to in order to see his pics.

Both sights need to easily maintained in RW.



Here are a few



So, officially, Realmac Software recommends these developers, and as the list is not alphabetical there is an implied ranking!

Actually I do not think so. Everyone can chip in and it does not seem like an official recommendation- more like a quick list out of the head to answer the question…




Precisely! We don’t have an official recommendations - just trying to help :smiley:

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Hi There - Long story made shorter - I’m looking to retire at the end on the year. Actually made the attempt last year. I have a client that I’ve created sites for in RW over the past 10 years and am about to start what I hope will be my last (I refuse to build with any other platform). I’m looking for someone in New England (they are based in Maine) that would be willing to take care of updates along the way, then, at the end of the year inherit my client so that they can continue with their RW based site. It’s a great opportunity for a designer that would like a steady check but doesn’t want to take anything on full time. The company is a homebuilder. Total creative freedom. They would be adding 2-3 pages for new developments a year plus ongoing updates to listing links (very simple process). Please email for more info. Thanks!

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I too am looking for some expert help to complete my website. In particular I am having difficulties - publishing it where it goes into the servers root directory not the sub directory for my domain name - getting Paypal to work properly and - getting the contact page to work. I am using RW 8.2, HV Elite Theme and Cart 2. I am in Perth Western Australia and would prefer someone local - if possible. Please contact me at
Thanks John