Development, Test, and Production Environments?

Fairly new to Rapidweaver and am wondering how others setup different environments for development, test, and production? TIA.


Hi Rob,

Mine is a three step process:

  1. Initial development in RW with its excellent preview function
  2. Export to local drive and use Mamp and Codekit to test any SQL and Php functions as well as overall look, feel, and links
  3. Publish to a sandbox site on my server to test to make sure it is happy with the server sided functions. I also test various browsers on ensure a growers is not doing something wonky. I finally look at it through a Windows machine
  4. If all goes well, publish to the live server.


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Your first export to MAMP is through RapidWeaver?
An the following (to sandbox and to production) are you using FTP?



I was listening to the podcast and the RW 7 has simplified this for me. just have to preview in safari and all my php stuff is working. Really saved me a lot of reposting to tweak things such as spacing etc. I have all but stopped having to export to a server. Actually the machine I am working on then previewing before publishing.


But I do need to provide my client with a test environment (fully functional but referring to a database with dummy data) for the new version and pré-production - next stage for the new version - (fully function with production database), but with current version still working in production environment.

In version 6, yes, I export to the drive and view it using MAMP. PHP and SQL all work as expected.

Then I publish to a sandbox site just to make sure my server does not throw a wrench in the works. Finally publish to the production server.

All done via RW6. I use transmit if I need to delete and abandoned file or something, but generally can do all via RW6.

In RW7 there is a REALLY slick feature that the podcast tales about. Cmd-P and BOOM everything is working like on a published server. So slick, no need to use MAMP. Developers will need to ensure their PHP and SQL plugins are updated for all the plugins to work, and I love the preview feature!

Good luck.