Export without Publishing

In RW7 how do I export a site without it then publishing as well.
I just want to test a site locally before publishing.

In the main RW7 menu, click File > Export Site in the menu.

That should perform a simple export of the website to any directory on your computer. No publish to the server.

Thanks Will, but actually it doesn’t - not anymore.
I think it used to.
But now it goes straight on to publishing.
RW 7.5.5

Not at my Mac now, but you should be able to setup a new publishing destination and select “publish local” or something like that. That allows you to publish to a folder.
I have a bunch setup with bookmarks for local folders that I then have MAMP pro preset to use. Each browser then has bookmarks for each MAMP pro server. Makes testing with real browsers and a real web server easy prior to publishing to the public.

Thanks Teefers.
That’s exactly what I want to do - use Mamp for testing.
I’ve just figured that there is a step I was missing - before hitting Export Site I needed to select Export Location from the Publish dropdown.
Once I did that the Export Site function worked as it should.

BTW and this perhaps should be a new Topic, but I noticed in the publishing settings for two sites I manage that the web address is greyed out. In a third site it appears as normal. Just wondering what this could mean - if anything.

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