Servers Not Needed

I understand that RW8 runs a PHP server and other things, as I have MAMP PRO this is redundant. Is there a way to disable these services?

RW only uses the webserver things when you use the built-in preview functions (preview button, simulator button, or right-click a page and preview with a browser, etc.). So just don’t do those things and RW won’t use any of the web server’s functions.

MAMP Pro requires that you “publish” the files locally before you can use it. That means that every single time you make a change you’d need to republish those pages prior to seeing them with MAMP.

There’s no way for MAMP Pro to “hook” into RapidWeaver and replace the built in web server if that’s what you are asking.


There are so many build in webservers on your Mac, you will be surprised. Many built in applicatin help pages are using a small local webserver, e.g. almost all Adobe products.

When it comes to redundancy: even MAMP is redundant, as the Mac already ships with MySQL and Apache (do you remember the folder “sites” and the sharing setting “Websharing” on your Mac with older OS up to Mountain Lion?), MAMP is just simplifying the process of using MySQL, Apache, PHP and the like.

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