Test publishing a site?

I have a site using the Navigator theme. Quite a nice theme if I do say so myself. I did have one little nit trying to use Joe’s Share It Circles stack, so I switched to the Like It instead. I’m also using WP-Blog which works a treat as well.

Ok, now to the meat of my question.

I’d like to try creating my site using Foundation. Of course to actually see things operating I need to publish my experimental site.

Where and how do you developers publish your sites you’re testing? I’m betting there’s a number of ways to do this.

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I usually do the whole thing using MAMP. That way I’m not giving anything away while I’m testing MySQL connections and that sort of thing. MAMP is free and makes testing PHP and MySQL a doddle. https://www.mamp.info/en/

Just export everything to your MAMP directory (by default in your Applications folder, but see the documentation. Really, there is no better way to go.

Cool. I see MAMP has a whole series of video tutorials as well. Thanks.


We actually have a FAQ about this on our Docs site

Ah, more info. I also watched Joe’s Weavercast - 16. I went ahead and set that up. Slicker than snot.

I set up a couple of local servers using MAMP Pro to try different things in RW. I joined Rapidweaver Classroom. Went through the new RW 6 and Stacks lessons, now I beginning the Foundation lessons.

I’ve just been running some tests and it appears that page formatting is broken on the localhost using Mamp if set in RW as Relative to DOCROOT, however they look fine on the server. When set as Relative to Page the formatting looks good both in Mamp and the server.