Difference between Nick Cates Photo Pro and Photo Stacks?

If Nick is around, or anyone who has used both stacks, could someone please detail the difference between the new Photo Pro stack and the Photo stack?

Apologies, I originally put Photo Pro 2 stack which is not correct. His original stack is Photo.

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See here and there

Differences are not clearly explained in the “Photo Pro page”, but you’ll have an overview an can make your own idea…

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Maybe @nickcates can provide a simple summary?

Yes, that would be useful !

From a (basic) review it appears that Photo Pro is Photo on steroids when it comes to EXIF data import and display. Seems geared to pro photographers (his wife is one) so that function is important to them. If there are other improvements over the original Photo it would be nice to know more.

Sorry for the delay! I’ve now posted a table comparison of Photo and Photo Pro, located toward the bottom of the Photo Pro page:

I appreciate you trying to help Nicolas.

Yep, in short Photo is good for a basic gallery - and can pull off gallery collections which is special, but Photo Pro is just in a whole difference league of feature set and design.

You’re very welcome !!!


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