Issues with Photo Pro stack

I’ve run into 3 issues with this stack, 2 of which I believe are related, and therefor curious if anyone else has experienced the same.

  1. Some photos (jpg) with valid EXIF data are not being recognized by the stack as containing data and thus don’t show in the lightbox (clickable icon at the bottom is not displayed).

  2. Related: When you use the back arrow in the lightbox to display that file, it remains in re-load mode never re-displaying the photo.

The above two can be seen on this test page. Click on the first thumb to bring it up in the lightbox. Notice no EXIF data is shown at the bottom to the left of the filename. Now click the right arrow to go to the next photo (notice the icon at bottom is there). Now go back hitting the left arrow. Notice the reload just sits there and the photo never re-displays. From what I can tell, this happens consistently for any photo that has EXIF data but the stack indicates there is none. BTW: if you download these two using the icon at the top right you can see that both the files have intact EXIF data.

  1. Sorting by file creation date was fixed in an earlier version but appears to be broken again. No matter whether you select oldest first or newest it doesn’t work and if you select none I would have thought it would at least sort by actual filename but that doesn’t work either.

Who makes Photo Pro? Is this the Nick Cates stack? Have you already contacted the developer?

If it is Nick Cates: are you using his latest version?

Yes this is Nick’s Stack and the latest version is being used. All attempts (3) to directly contact Nick via his support address have gone unanswered which I started back on 3/20. I certainly hope he’s ok given all the COVID-19 crap we are having to deal with.

@schlotz Great that you have the new version! I’ll also tag Nick: @nickcates

I’m only guessing here but I believe Nick has youngish children: thus home schooling. No idea what his wife does. And I believe he earns most of his money by doing web design for companies and individuals. It’s quite possible a lot of those clients have decided to stop, or at least pause, work on their designs. So my guess is he is simply dealing with a lot of important and immediate life issues.

My sense is Nick has typically been very good about responding to people. Hopefully he will get back to you with a fix soon enough: but it might be another 2 weeks. (A guess on my part only.)

I don’t know if there are any/many folks using Nick’s new Photo stack that can help you on these forums: not all users visit regularly. But hopefully one of them can help out as well. Unfortunately I don’t have the stack and can’t help you out myself.

Appreciate the reply Mathew. Definitely possible Nick is busy given current conditions and taking care of family is certainly the top priority. Guess until Nick has the opportunity to address the issues I’ll have to wait.

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