Difficulty in linking to hosting service using ftp

Completed the design of my site, sorted out a host & been trying for 3 days now to connect Rapidweaver to my host. So frustrated; now on my 2nd hosting service as at first, I thought that it was a problem with the first.

Now signed up with Rediweb to host & having similar problems. Screen shot attached shows the details that I’ve added manually to link up (and shared this several times with Rediweb support), copying the relevant details from Rediweb’s sign up e-mail. Continue to get the response “Your sign-in details are incorrect, please reenter them and try again.”

On a short timeframe as I need to get the upload completed before going on holiday after Tuesday. Anyone any ideas?


What happens when you try the test button?
If the test works then your credentials(server, username and password) are probably fine. If the test button gives an error then the login credentials aren’t correct.

If the test button works try clearing the path, and hit the Browse button. That should bring up a directory listing similar to finder. If it does look for and select the public_html directory.

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You can also help troubleshoot, and/or get your site uploaded for now by using a separate FTP app to upload. Export entire site to a local folder (directory) on your Mac then use an ftp app to upload the files to the server. Perhaps you can at least get your site uploaded that way and then troubleshoot at ease.

Doug,thanks, it was the Test stage that it was failing at. However, now solved that problem with input from Hosting service support desk but now onto next one . My site has numerous photo galleries . In each case, the ftp connection “drops” once around 23/25 images have been uploaded.

Another advantage of using an FTP app is that most of the better ones allow you to set them up for error recovery and retries.

Thanks Greg, not sure I understand what you mean ( publishing newbie here so all this hosting & ftp stuff is a bit of a foreign language to me

Hi Mike,

“Dropped connections” can be caused by a lot of different things. It can be the server itself.

If it’s dropping always at the “same” place than it could be a particular page or image that’s causing the problem.

I’m not familiar with Rediweb and couldn’t find them on the web. I was going to check and see if they supported using SFTP instead of plain old ftp. SFTP is usually much more reliable and secure than ftp. That’s what I’d check and change first. If the hosting company supports this it may require a specific port number or other changes to settings.

Here’s a knowledge base article that might help you out. Just go through the entire process outlined. Near the end of the article are instructions on getting a log file.

Also if you need to get screenshots of error messages, settings etc have a look here. It’s easier than taking a picture.

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