Disable Stacks in a page without deleting it


… I sometimes want to disable a stacks sub-module, BUT NOT DELETE IT from the RW page, OR MOVE IT to a Draft page of the same project.
With Joe Workman Stacks “CSS Box” (really very, very handy …):

  • In the page, add this stacks “CSS Box” and assign him an ID number, for example: “box_disable”.
  • Finally, in the same page, in the HTML Inspector Code -> CSS, add this code:
    #box_disable {
    display: none;

Is there a sub-module stacks that does the same thing, faster? …
This function would be very useful if it were integrated into a future version of Stacks!.. :slightly_smiling_face:

I use Quarantine stack by @Doobox to do this (if I’ve understood correctly)


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Okay for Quarantine @davehughes (but not free) and especially Locker @thang, with the limitations described not to be neglected: thanks for this information… :wink:

Create another page in the project that is draft/not in nav and dump parts there there that you temporally don’t want, that way they’re retained in the proj but never get published/used.


I hope you realize that when you have display set to none you’re still “publishing” the stack and the users browser still has to load the content.

What @PaulRussam pointed out is the best free option.

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Oops! … No @teefers, I was not aware of it. Thank you for the precision, important.

Just letting you know that all stacks like Locker and Quarintine suffer from the same drawbacks. Paid or free. It’s actually why Locker is no longer available in my site. It’s just caused too many unknown consequences.

What if we were to make this a built-in feature of Stacks 4?


ooooh… That sounds like a pretty cool idea!

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Very very good idea!

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