How to disable add-on stacks when there are too many

I’ve been aware for some time that having too many stack add-ons running in Rapidweaver causes problems on my laptop. It eventually just refuses to accept any additional add-ons once it reaches a certain point. Is there any easy way to disable specified stacks other than dragging them out of the add-ons folder? If not perhaps that would be a nice feature for the future. I’m sure that many people have boatloads of stacks for RW and it’s a bit cumbersome to have to manually drag them if there’s a way to select them and click “disable”.


I definitely agree. That would be very nice. I’ve added it to my To Do list to investigate how this could be done for Stacks 4.

It’s worth mentioning that you should only really see Stacks Library slowdowns when you get really large libraries. Even on my 2010 MacBook (which is a real dog nowadays) it takes a library of about 500 stacks before I see any noticeable delays when scrolling the library. If you’re seeing problems and have a more modest library – then there is likely a problem – perhaps a corrupted stack?? that is the matter. If that’s the case, take to me in the Slack channel and I can help you one-on-one to resolve it.

OK, that said, I should probably caution that this is one of those things that seems very easy when you first think about it, but a lot tricker when you consider it a bit more deeply.

Specifically: in order to be able to enable/disable a stack you’ll have to load it a bit – at least some of it – like the name and the icon. Unfortunately loading thousands of png images from a disk is the thing that slows down the library when it gets large.

In other words: the devil is in the details here and everything is always easier said than done. :smiley:

But… I have some tricks up my sleeve… let’s see what I can come up with for Stacks 4. :sunglasses:


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Actually I don’t see slowdowns so much. My MacBook simply refuses to install new stacks. If I disable any of the loaded stacks I’m able to install something new. But until I remove some of them it’s a complete no go. Do you think a corrupt stack could be the culprit?

Also, I apologize but I don’t know what you mean by the Slack channel. Some other category within the forum?

Nothing to do with this forum… visit YourHead channel at

Actually to get directly to the Yourhead channel, go here:

i apologize for not explaining slack. for some reason i mistook you for someone else who i’ve spoken on my slack recently.

but it looks like you made it there anyway. well done. hopefully we’ll get this figured out shortly. if i find out any interesting info digging into this i’ll post back here.

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